About Us

About Schletter Inc

An internationally recognized manufacturer of solar mounting systems and metal works.

A leading producer of innovative light metal products, Schletter develops and produces solar mounting systems and sustainable products from aluminum and high-grade steel. Internationally, the company is constantly evolving and has become a globally recognized supplier of products in the areas of solar technology, traffic engineering, trade shows, and environmental technology, as well as in customized solutions. In North America our focus and reputation has evolved with manufacturing innovative solar mounting systems.

Following the same principals as the larger Schletter Group, the North American arm of Schletter connects its customers with a motivated project team to efficiently develop project specifications into a quality, safe end-product meeting the most rugged terrain requirements. From Schletter Inc.’s headquarters in Shelby, North Carolina, the company houses state-of-the-art machinery capable of a high level of production capacities while operating sales and distribution offices in Tucson, Arizona and Windsor, Ontario.

Regardless of the Schletter division, our versatile and extensive design and production capability gives Schletter the scope to provide solutions to the most ambitious project requirements.

Worldwide, Schletter operates sales and manufacturing facilities in 14 countries—creating local jobs, reducing shipping distances, and offering improved delivery streams to its customers.

Schletter Philosophy — Built to SPEQ

  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Streamling processes to keep price low
  • Installing ease through pre-assembly
  • Creating a quality product